Kambodscha * Teil 1

Dear Friends,

you might know that I`ve been traveling through Thailand and Cambodia this summer…and finally managed to finish some of the photos I took there…. First starting with a Cambodia, even though it has been our second stop on our journey. And this is because we had one of our most impressing and precious encounter there along our way. And this is the reason why I am writing in english today -even though it isn`t one of my so called talents- so the person I am telling about could read the words I am writing.

I don`t want to bore you with the details of our travel from Bangkok to Siam Reap, it was, as most things your doing when you are traveling with backpacks and on a low budget, adventurous ! But the one thing I have to tell : After passing the boarder of Cambodia I was done: grilled from the sun, thirsty, tired and then they told us that we would have to wait for another 4 hours until our bus to Siam Reap will arrive…Oh man! But there was one man from Sweden who was traveling alone and to whom we had talked just a few words until then – and he asked us, if we would allow him to invite us to go by taxi to the city. I`ve been so grateful, two hours later we arrived at our hotel and I could get some rest. Unfortunately we never met the guy from Sweden again…to say thank you again and maybe to hand him a beer or something like that.

This evening I met Ravoeun for the first time.

This is Ravoeun. One of the most friendly, kind, open minded and honest people I`ve ever met. Chris met him before when he stayed in Siem Reap and was full of commendation about his knowledge about the temple and about him as person, so we decided to ask him to be our guide on our journey.

Ravoeun nearly knows everything about the temples and loves to share his knowledge. Often when we came back from the ruins we catched him learning spanish, so he could become better in his job.  He works hard to allow his girls to get an proper education and learn english.

And beside being an incredible guide he is an awesome person, who is true and open hearted, although he has been through a lot during his childhood, when the “Red Khmer” killed about 2 Million cambodian people in genocide. Ravoeun told us about his personal feelings, his thoughts about politics & religion, about living in unison with nature. He invited us to his home to have dinner with his wonderful wife and  two beautiful and keen daughters. He never made us feel as tourists, as customers , but as friends. That has been an really amazing experience…even if my words can not exactly tell what I felt…I hope you understand what I am trying to impart.

If you want to you could have a look at his homepage.

We watched a girl and her mother preparing “Palm Sugar” for selling it to people passing by. The candy is made of the resin from the palm trees near by and tastes like caramel…Yummi!

While we drove through Angkor Thom we met this group of elephant, I took some pics driving by in our TukTuk.

Ravoeun…so proud of his long kept and maintained motorcycle.

Ravoeun and his wonderful wife an his to smart and beautiful daughters.

Thank you for reading ! Part II about the temples will follow soon !

Love, Inga

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